1984 Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo


1984 Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo

Kawasaki were the first and the last of the four major Japanese manufacturers to release a turbo-charged motorcycle but were the only factory to achieve the ultimate turbo ambition – to transform a medium sized motorcycle into something as quick as anything around. The Z750 is the world’s fastest production turbo motorcycle – 112bhp at 9,000rpm, a top speed of 146mph and road-tearing acceleration that can cover the standing quarter mile in 10.9sec.

For many years, turbo-charged bikes had been the preserve of individual builders, tuners and drag racers who adapted big Japanese four cylinder engines with bolt-on conversions for extra, high-speed thrills. Later Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha produced turbo bikes, all 650cc and all dismally received in the market. Kawasaki’s 750 was bigger yet lighter than any and an instant, well-acclaimed success. The others have all been withdrawn, and enhances yet further their reputation for building large, powerful, bulletproof engines.

On full boost, the Z750 Turbo shoots, shouts and screams speed.

This GPZ750 turbo is stunning, it is by far the fastest one I have ever ridden. It has an 810 kit stage two computer upgrade, D&D exhaust system, fork brace. A real performance bike from the 80s.


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Year: 1984

Capacity: 750 cc

Colour: Black/Red

Mileage: 6,194


Price: $26,000


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