1989 Kawasaki ZXR750


1989 Kawasaki ZXR750

The Kawasaki ZXR 750 was a motorcycle in the Ninja Sport bike series and introduced in 1989.

Awesome looking with a top speed of 245 kms it comes with aggressive bodywork wrapped around a chunky twin-spar aluminium frame. Liquid cooled 749cc 4-cylinder engine coupled to a 6-speed transmission with Uni-Trak mono-shock rear suspension.

This motorcycle steers, brakes and handles with composure making it civilised, refined and usable. Whilst cutting edge in 1989 it is now a modern classic.


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Year: 1989

Capacity: 750 cc

Colour: Green/White/Blue

Mileage: 25,822

VIN#: ZX750H004327

Price: $29,995


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