2020 Mutt GT-SS

$7,950 + OTR

2020 Mutt GT-SS

The MUTT grand tourer. Customers have ridden MUTTs from Birminham to Africa, all around Europe and back again. With sensible fully road oriented tyres, grippy low profile seat and stainless steel/ chrome finishing touches, the GT-SS is the gentlemans choice.

The regular tank is big enough for most users, but the GT-SS boasts a 17-litre tank specifically designed for this bike and the Mutt Mastiff.

As with all of the Mutt 250 fleet, the EFI offers instant power off the  mark and great fuel efficiency. The time-proven engine has great  bottom-end torque and puts a genuine fun-loving smile on your face.

Bosch ABS is fitted as standard which offers excellent stopping power  and a much safer ride than most bikes at this price point.

Mutts also feature a Fuel Vapour Recovery System (FVRS), this makes  evaporated fuel vapour, usually lost into the air, and stores it in a  carbon filter for use when next starting the bike. Not only saving the  planet but saving your precious pennies and preventing your garage from  stinking of petrol.

3 seat heights are available, offering a custom-fitted motorcycle to the rider: 820mm seat height (as standard) 780mm seat height (additional $459) 750mm seat height (additional $823)


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Year: 2020

Capacity: 250 cc

Colour: Black & White

Mileage: 0

Brand New

Price: $7,950 + OTR


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