Kawasaki Z1300

By 1978, other brands had finally caught up and dethroned the Kawasaki Z1 as king of the Super bikes. The Yamaha XS eleven and the Honda CBX were now pushing on the magic 100Hp barrier and things were seemingly getting crazy. The next jaw-dropping surprise for everyone was this huge beast smashing straight through to 120hp with 6 menacing organ pipes bulging below Kawasakis first radiator. Horsepower might sell bikes but it doesn't win races as this new machine was also breaking new records on the scales.

At 300KG it was actually heavier than a Harley lowrider at the time. The bike was super smooth and gained many long-distance riding fans with its huge fuel tank and plush suspension. Needless to say on paper this thing looked like it was going to smash the Yam and Honda at the 1979 Castrol six-hour race. The big surprise and lesson was the victory going to the lightest of the big four Japanese giants. Suzuki's underdog GS1000!

The big Kwaka six got all dressed up in the USA and became a solid 10 year rival for the Goldwing while Australia stayed naked and upgraded to fuel injection like our prized example here. Sales might have been slow as sporty Katanas and Ninjas disappeared around them during the '80s but it remains the boss's favourite ride choice for the decade.

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