Top 5 Breakfast Dishes at the Naked Racer

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Breakfast isn't just the most important meal of the day, it's also the best meal of the day! Here at the Naked Racer we offer All Day Breakfast until 3 pm, 7 days a week so you can enjoy the best meal of the day for Breakfast or Lunch!

1. Smashed Avo on Toasted Sourdough

This perfectly paired dish comes with all the health and nutrients you require and desire! Smashed Avocado served on toasted sourdough accompanied with burnt fetta, beetroot puree, pumpkin seeds and two perfectly poached eggs. Honestly the perfect balance between sweet, savoury & salty. Why not add a side to your dish? Feel like having bacon or a hash brown? Whatever you desire we will try our best to provide!

2. Corn Fritters

Now, who doesn't like corn fritters? Even if you don't this is a must-try! Crispy corn fritters on roasted tomato and sautéed spinach, topped with two poached eggs, a side of sweet chilli and sour cream and not to forget one of the best made hollandaise in town, who could ask for anything more? Even if you wanted more you could always add any of our sides to this dish! But honestly, this dish has perfect balanced as is! Try it for yourself!

3. Naked Racer Breakfast

The breakfast for champions, everything a big breakfast should include! Whether you are a bit dusty or just feeling hungry, this is definitely the dish to order! Taken from the classic Big Breakfast, the Racer breakfast includes crispy bacon, roasted chorizo, mushrooms, grilled tomato, spinach, hashbrown & two eggs your way on toasted sourdough. Still not enough? Remember, all our sides can be added - why not add some smashed avo to the dish?

4. Ham, Cheese & Tomato Omelette

Now this is a take on the Ham, Cheese, Tomato Toastie! One of the most popular breakfast take away items on our menu. So why not put it in an omelette instead? We all love eggs don't we? So why not! This ham, cheese & tomato omelette is topped with sweet chilli glaze & burnt fetta to give that sweet and salty flavour! Just perfect!

5. Racer Benedict

And last but not least we have the ever so classic Eggs Benedict. A must have on the menu! At Naked Racer you have the option to choose what protein you would like, whether it be bacon, virginia ham or smoked salmon. Choice! It is best when you can get what you want! And to mention again - best hollandaise in town! Super creamy and a perfect combination with the poached eggs and toasted turkish bread. Definitely, a must-try!

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